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When you get an email that contains the words ‘a couple of offers’ completely unprompted you tend to blink a couple of times, which is what happened when Rich Watts, Director of Policy and Development at Essex Coalition of Disabled People (ECDP) got in touch to offer some help with Safeguarding 2.0.

ECDP is an organisation run by and for disabled people. They’ve been going for the best part of 15 years and their origins are firmly rooted in a belief that the voice of disabled people, both as individuals and collectively, is vital if the lives of disabled people are to be enhanced. They provide a wide range of support, information, advice and guidance services and play a key role in influencing the agenda of tomorrow to effect real social change to enhance the everyday lives of disabled people.

They’re so supportive of Safeguarding 2.0 that they’ve offered us some cash to help with costs, plus they’ve offered us the services of their newly recruited Lived Experience Officer, whose role is to understand the experiences of ECDP’s 1600 members and 1800 clients. Having access to such a large group of people to learn from will ground the project in reality and will make sure that any tools we build are going to have a positive impact.

We’re extremely grateful to ECDP for their support and for the unassuming way in which they offered practical help towards the project. We’re waiting to hear back from some funders about whether the project will be fully funded so watch this space for more

If you feel like being as spontaneously generous as ECDP please get in touch!

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