Patchwork Feedback – The Practitioner Profile

This week we want to know what you think about the information that Patchwork stores about you, the practitioner. We need to get the right balance here, between providing all the information you need to know about other practitioners, whilst not asking you for more than you would be comfortable to share.

At the moment, Patchwork asks practice to provide;

– First name
– Surname
– Email address
– Contact Telephone Number
– The agency you work for
– Your role within that agency
– A description of your expertise

Is this enough? Is there anything else you think would be useful for practitioners to say about themselves? Would a photograph of the practitioner be of use too?

Let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, email [email protected].

One Comment

  • Yes, I think by having minimum information it may reassure those who have confidentaility concerns. So much better for practitioners just to contact each other re specifics.

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