Welcome to the Patchwork Feedback Process

Gez SmithHello, and welcome to the Patchwork blog for those of you who’ve not visited this part of the Internet before. I’m Gez, and I’m the product manager for the Patchwork system, which means I act as the bridge between you the practitioners, and the developers who actually build the software, acting as the ‘translator’ between the two groups.

We’re developing the Patchwork system some more at the moment, and so we’re going to be using this blog over the coming weeks to ask you some questions about how you think it should work, and hopefully provide you with some feedback on how we’re going to act on what you tell us as well.

We’ll be inviting you to share your thoughts by adding a comment to an individual blog post whenever you’ve got something to say. If you’d rather share your thoughts in private though, just email [email protected], which will come straight through to us here.

We’ll be starting with some specific questions about different parts of the Patchwork system and how you think they should work from next week. In the meantime though, if there’s anything you want to share about how Patchwork works at the moment, do let us know.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

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