Patchwork Feedback – Client Profile

One of the most important elements of the whole Patchwork system is the profile page for each client. On this page, you are presented with both the information on the client, and information on which practitioners are working with that client. At the moment the page presents you with the following information;

– Name (and any ‘alias’)
– Address
– Date of Birth
– Telephone number
– Agencies working with the client
– Details of agents working with the client within those agencies
– A list of activity on that client record (e.g. agents being added/removed, client details being updated).

However, we’d like to know if this is the right information. Is there any other information you would find it useful to record about a client? For example, would it be of use to be able to add a photograph of the client to their record?

Let us know what you think using the comments section below, or email [email protected]

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