Patchwork Feedback – Email Notifications

One thing people have said they would find useful about Patchwork is the ability to have it help them without them having to log into it every 5 minutes. With this in mind, lots of people have been asking for it to email them with notifications of updates being made to client records and so forth. Of course, we want to balance this with the system not overwhelming people with emails, as there’s nothing more likely to put you off using a system than it constantly spamming you.

So, what would be really useful for us is if you could tell us;

– what sorts of email updates you would find useful. Which changes on a client record would you want to be emailed about, and which are you happy to wait to see next time you log in?
– how time critical are these updates, for example often would you want the system to email you? As soon as it happens? At the end of the day? At the end of the week?

Leave us a comment below to let us know, or email [email protected]

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