Patchwork Feedback – Names

One of the most crucial bits of information around a client is their name. For many clients, this is a straight forward piece of information that never changes. For others though, their name or what they like to be called is not so straight forward, so the Patchwork system needs to be able to accomodate this.

The system already allows clients to have their alias recorded as well as their name, for example where they are commonly known by another name other than their legal one. We’ve heard instances where names may need to be changed quite regularly as well, for example where a new born baby changes name a few times before the parents or guardians settle on a name for the child. So, what we’d like to know is;

– Is ‘alises’ the right terminology for the alternative names a client may have? Would you talk about the client being known by an ‘alias’? Is it important to indicate which name is the client’s ‘legal name’.
– would it be useful to have an audit trail of names, so you can go through and see the old names clients may have used?
– should people be able to edit a client’s name in the system? If so, should anyone be able to do this, or just a few specially approved people per organisation?

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