Patchwork Feedback – The Increased Concern Button

This week’s topic for your feedback is what is currently called the ‘Increased Concern’ button.

increased concern button screenshot

This button has caused a lot of debate amongst front line practitioners already, so for version 1 of the Patchwork system, we want to know what you would like to do with it.

First of all, it’s probably worth explaining where it came from. The idea for it first arose in Staffordshire, where practitioners wanted a way of indicating that they had an increased concern about a particular client. This wasn’t the same as the client being demanding or in high need of services, rather the button was meant to indicate that something had changed and was not quite right with a client, even if nothing specific could be pointed to.

The idea was that if three practitioners each pressed the increased concern button on a client record, they would all be able to see each others increased concern, prompting them to meet to discuss their concerns.

However, having collated the feedback to date, we know that this functionality is something we still need to learn more about. But we have some ideas on how this might work in the new version of the system.

We feel that if a practitioner working with one of your clients clicks that they have an increased concern about a client, this should become visible to all the other practitioners working with that client. You will be able to see all the practitioners who have a concern and are therefore able to contact them to understand more about the reasons for the concern. If you have raised a concern and others then do the same, you should be notified by email that someone has raised a concern about one of your clients. You can also remove your concern when you no longer feel it is necessary.

So, the questions we’d like you to consider and answer as appropriate are;

– Should the increased concern button be in the system at all?
– If so, in which sort of scenarios do you think it would be useful?
– What should happen when the button is pressed? Should everyone else be able to see that it has been pressed, or only the person who pressed it? Should pressing it send an email to anyone?
– Should the ‘increased concern’ be set to expire after a set amount of time?
– Should the button be renamed to something like ‘increased attention’?

Leave a comment or email [email protected] to let us know what you think.

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