Patchwork By Practitioners for Practitioners, Simple.

We feel that the only way to make something truly usable is to involve the people who will use it in its creation. That’s why Patchwork has been designed this way from the start, working with practitioners in Westminster, Staffordshire and Brighton who have helped us to hone in on what was truly useful to them.  We are pleased to say feedback has been coming in thick and fast from practitioners using Patchwork all over the country.

At FutureGov we use this feedback to work out what we need to do next to develop Patchwork, without compromising the purpose of Patchwork.   These improvements will make the tool more useful for you in your work with clients by revealing the often hidden network of practitioners around a client more quickly and easily.By using practitioner feedback to develop  small changes and releasing them quickly and frequently Patchwork will really keep in step with what practitioners need.

Changes are usually small, beautifully designed and intuitive to use, so should not require any additional training but if there are questions please  contact your local Patchwork administrator or email us at [email protected].  This email address can also be used to send in any feedback about the product so that we stay close to Practitioners as usage of the tool increases.  We will also be keeping this blog up to date with changes as and when they land.  We think designing things with the people who use them is a good thing to do and we hope you do too?