New Features, New Look

This week will see the launch of the new version of Patchwork.  The app has been enhanced with some new features that will support professionals further in their work with clients and their families along with a new look and better user experience.

We want using Patchwork to be a great experience for front line workers who we know have high case loads and lots of pressure on their time – meaning we are always on the look out for  ways we can make Patchwork quicker and simpler to use.

This is the next in a range of improvements planned and we hope you like it.

Our Approach

At FutureGov we believe that design should be done with people and not done to people.  That’s why the development of Patchwork remains an open and collaborative process with users.

Practitioners and users from Staffordshire, Brighton, Surrey and Victoria (Australia) continue to give regular, useful feedback to help us focus on what is important to them and their clients.  We then use that feedback to work out what we need to do next to develop Patchwork, without compromising the purpose of the tool.

New Features

We have  introduced changes that make the tool better and easier to use for practitioners including simpler and quicker ways to add to a clients team, controlling who can add agencies to Patchwork and the ability for administrators to export some simple reports to help drive adoption and use of the product in organisations.  These changes are beautifully designed and intuitive to use, and are deployed directly to clients so do not require any effort on the part of the organisations using Patchwork to support the deployment.

New Design

The new look Patchwork has a much cleaner look and feel.  The additional functionality is simple and easy to use and should not require any additional training for users.  We want users of Patchwork to have a great experience of the system and so whilst we think this new look is a great step forward we are not done yet and will continue to improve the product with new functionality as well as great design.

What’s Next for Patchwork?
Moving on from we will continue to collect insight from practitioners and managers  from a range of services( including health, welfare and social care) to develop how Patchwork will support practitioners in their work with families as well as individual clients.  Watch this space for more information as we develop this further.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about Patchwork, the new functionality or approach in developing products in this way then please do drop us a line at [email protected]