Connected Care Camp explores how we can improve the wider care sector

Connected Care

Connected Care is an area that the Patchwork team are really passionate about.

Through the stories we hear from the people we work with when developing Patchwork, we know there are many challenges facing the care sector:

– How can health and care services support people who are lonely and isolated?
– How can we support more connected communities?
– How could doctors, nurses, social workers and support staff better coordinate care planning?
– How can we support people with disabilities to live more independent and fulfilling lives?
– How can digital technologies can give people more control of their care and support?
– How can digital technology  help to support carers & care networks?

That’s why we’re excited about Connected Care Camp, an event that will bring together front line staff, managers, people who use health and care services to explore how we can improve the wider care sector.

Taking place on 7 December 2013, the event is being led by Shirley Ayres, one of the sector’s leading voices on Connected Care.

Connected Care Camp is part of the Public Service Launchpad, a programme that will help turn early stage ideas into successful projects, by giving innovators access to the support they need to get their ideas off the ground.

Find out more about Connected Care Camp and book your place here

If you can’t make the event, you can follow along and join in on Twitter using the hashtag #psicare. We’ll also be covering the goings on of the day on this blog.

You can also an idea to our Simpl Challenges page and add reference ‘Connected Care’ so we know your idea is related to Connected Care Camp.

To help us organise the day and better engage the wider community via social media, Shirley Ayres is running a survey to better inform the content of the event. Click here to take the survey.

So if you have ideas about how we can fix the many challenges confronting the care sector, make sure come along to Connected Care Camp or find out more about the Public Service Launchpad.

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