Discovering valuable information in minutes, not hours

Patchwork has been designed to make life easier for practitioners for the benefit of their clients.

Some people prefer to use it as a super-charged phonebook, reducing the time spent calling around organisations trying to find out if other agencies are involved with their client.

Others prefer using attentions to keep in touch with their colleagues at other organisations. There’s no wrong way to use Patchwork.

What all of the people using Patchwork share in the common is the need for Patchwork to help them get their tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Our latest improvements – inspired by conversations with users and watching them use the system – help ensure Patchwork is easy to use, whichever way you use it.

Clear next steps and support

We’ve introduced banners to the main pages in Patchwork to help both new and existing users see at-a-glance how Patchwork can help them and their clients.

New banner on the dashboard

Be the first to know via automated email alerts

Patchwork’s not an “every day” tool — it’s there when you need it. By taking a few seconds to connect to your clients on Patchwork you’ll ensure that you’re automatically  alerted via email about important updates.  These include whenever colleagues join or leave your client’s team or when they have important information to share with you.


Automated alert emails for important client updates


Connect to clients easily with improved search

We’ve tweaked the search feature in Patchwork to provide you with more accurate results in a clearer display. This makes it easier to find the client, colleague or organisation you’re looking for.

Responding to user feedback, our Australian users now see statewide results first. Users can then filter results by their local areas to help find the most relevant local information.
More accurate search results

Simplified sign-on for easy access when you need it

There’s few things more frustrating than forgetting your password and then having to go round the houses just to try and reset it.

We’ve simplified the password reset process to ensure that you can use Patchwork when you need it.


What do you think?

Please remember, we’re always interested to hear what you think about Patchwork. Let us know if you have any comments or feedback on the system.

The more you know about your clients, the easier it is to help them. Find out who’s connected to your clients

Happy holidays from the Patchwork Team

Introducing Circles

We have been working on a new feature called Circles for a while now and are happy to announce that it is now live.   At the moment circles is very much a working title, as people use the feature we’ll listen to understand what they’re calling it and adopt that language and develop the feature further.

What is it?

Circles is a way for you to add people to your client’s personal network. These can be family members, people living at the same address, or anyone who has an important or significant relationship with that client. By adding them to the Circle you can share with other Agents your knowledge of these relationships and their potential impact on your client’s life. In turn everyone in that Client’s team can then see which agents are working with members of that network.

How does it work?


On your client’s team page, there is a new tab called “Circle”.  If no one has added anyone to the Circle the page won’t have any content. It is important for all agents to share their knowledge of the Client’s network by Adding to the Circle. You can do this by clicking “Add to Circle”.

You can add any of your Clients to the Circle by selecting the checkboxes and then clicking the green “Add to circle” button. These people will then be added to this client’s circle and vice versa. You can only add your own clients. As more members of the team add to the circle you will start to build a bigger picture of your client’s greater network and the agents working with those people.

If an agent adds someone to the circle who isn’t your client, instead of a “View Team” button under their name, there will be a “Join Team” button. To view this person and the agents working with them you will have to join their team.

We hope this becomes a valuable new feature for you. This is an initial release and we know there is still work to do on it so, as always, please share any input, feedback or issues you have with it. We have a short questionnaire here it would be great to hear your thoughts.

New Features, New Look

This week will see the launch of the new version of Patchwork.  The app has been enhanced with some new features that will support professionals further in their work with clients and their families along with a new look and better user experience.

We want using Patchwork to be a great experience for front line workers who we know have high case loads and lots of pressure on their time – meaning we are always on the look out for  ways we can make Patchwork quicker and simpler to use.

This is the next in a range of improvements planned and we hope you like it.

Our Approach

At FutureGov we believe that design should be done with people and not done to people.  That’s why the development of Patchwork remains an open and collaborative process with users.

Practitioners and users from Staffordshire, Brighton, Surrey and Victoria (Australia) continue to give regular, useful feedback to help us focus on what is important to them and their clients.  We then use that feedback to work out what we need to do next to develop Patchwork, without compromising the purpose of the tool.

New Features

We have  introduced changes that make the tool better and easier to use for practitioners including simpler and quicker ways to add to a clients team, controlling who can add agencies to Patchwork and the ability for administrators to export some simple reports to help drive adoption and use of the product in organisations.  These changes are beautifully designed and intuitive to use, and are deployed directly to clients so do not require any effort on the part of the organisations using Patchwork to support the deployment.

New Design

The new look Patchwork has a much cleaner look and feel.  The additional functionality is simple and easy to use and should not require any additional training for users.  We want users of Patchwork to have a great experience of the system and so whilst we think this new look is a great step forward we are not done yet and will continue to improve the product with new functionality as well as great design.

What’s Next for Patchwork?
Moving on from we will continue to collect insight from practitioners and managers  from a range of services( including health, welfare and social care) to develop how Patchwork will support practitioners in their work with families as well as individual clients.  Watch this space for more information as we develop this further.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about Patchwork, the new functionality or approach in developing products in this way then please do drop us a line at [email protected]

Patchwork pilot to help vulnerable families in Victoria


After three months of planning, Patchwork has been launched across five councils in Victoria.

The Municipal Association of Victoria said Patchwork was a web application designed to transform the way governments interacted with vulnerable families in maternal health, child health and youth services.

The MAV said the idea behind Patchwork was that professionals were better able to provide services to a client when they understood and communicated with the whole team around the client. This provided added value because each person working with a client could then be on the look-out on behalf of other agencies and could communicate with them in a quick and simple way.

The first round of invites for practitioners into the system happened during July and focused on those working with the five pilot councils in Melbourne: Kingston, Yarra, Brimbank, Wyndham and Melbourne.

Approximately 30 practitioners from a range of disciplines are involved, including maternal child health nurses, youth workers and family support workers.

The MAV said with about 140 clients in the system and the five pilot councils able to add their own clients, Patchwork was expected to grow as more organisations signed up.

Bill McArthur, President of the MAV, said Patchwork was a simple social technology solution to connect staff from different agencies working with clients in common.

“There is lots of work still to do to communicate and engage with these organisations and the pilot councils will work with the MAV to develop an approach to this and keep the momentum going.”

The MAV said the participating councils had identified another 40 organisations they would like to see using Patchwork. These included hospitals; community health services (alcohol, drugs, gambling); medical centres; schools; women’s refuges; child care facilities; youth and family support services; and mental health services.