Understand the full picture

Sometimes just knowing who else is working with a client will help a practitioner to better understand how they play a part in providing support and how they can do an even better job. Understanding the full picture means connections aren’t missed and information can be shared more effectively at the right time in the right way.

Earlier Intervention

When a practitioner knows who the whole team working with their client is, it’s much easier to co-ordinate their efforts, before a situation escalates and requires an intervention. Ultimately, getting the right people involved earlier leads to a better outcome for the individual.

Build Relationships

Traditional agency silos can be broken down quickly by practitioners just having easy access to each other’s contact information. Then, having worked together once, they can build relationships across organisations, helping to deliver services to other clients better too.

Save time

Ultimately, Patchwork has been designed to make life easier for practitioners – so that they don’t have to spend a lot of time calling around organisations trying to find out if other agencies are involved with their client. It means less time at their desk, and more time to spend with their clients.