Add and maintain client contact details

Practitioners are able to quickly and easily maintain their list of clients in the tool. It is simple to update, ensuring that all practitioners have access to the most up to date information at all times.

See at a glance which agencies are working with their client and how to contact them

Patchwork reveals the hidden network of practitioners working with a client meaning users are able to instantly know who they should be contacting to join up the services they provide.

Invite others into the team working with their client

Practitioners can spend lots of time trying to find the right person, team, or organisation to refer their client to. Using Patchwork, practitioners can browse a growing network of agents and agencies, and invite others in to a team in a matter of clicks.

Maintain their own contact details so that others have the best means of getting in touch

Everyone works differently. Patchwork allows users to update their own profile, allowing them to share useful information with others easily. This can include information that can support people working together across agencies, including preferred method of contact and hours or days worked.

Alert others when they have concern about a client

Likewise it’s not always easy for practitioners to alert one another about niggling concerns that they have about a client. Patchwork allows practitioners to flag to one another when they feel that a client needs extra attention.

See a summary of activity that has taken place for clients since last login

Practitioners are often dealing with high and complex caseloads. Patchwork makes it easy to see, at a glance, what activity has taken place since last login. This includes others joining or leaving a team, raising concerns about a client, and editing a client’s data.