Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Patchwork. If you cannot find the answer to your query, please contact us on [email protected].


What is Patchwork?

This is a professional tool for professional people to increase communication around the family.It’s not a case management system, rather an application that allows you to find out who else is involved in working with your child or family. Patchwork gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily find out who you should be contacting to join up the services you provide.

Why should I use Patchwork?

Patchwork will reveal the hidden team around your client – find out who they are and join up your efforts and stop duplication of effort in the team:

– It’s quick and easy, and developed around your needs
– It’s an easy way to find out how and who to refer your clients to for other services
– You’ll find out the best way of getting hold of other practitioners involved in the family or child – email address, phone number or something else?
– It’s very user friendly and has been built around your needs

Is Patchwork a case management system?

No. Patchwork is a tool to open up the family network around the child and family. That’s what Patchwork is. It’s built organically around your needs.

Are there any data security issues?

No – you don’t need to worry about this. High level and secure information about the family/child isn’t available. The only information contained on the Patchwork system will be the name and address of the customer with a list of the names and contact details of any practitioners that have had contact with that person.

Do frontline workers have enough time to learn the technology required to use Patchwork?

Patchwork is designed to be intuitive to use, and for those who have used websites like Amazon there is probably no training required.  As part of implementing Patchwork we do deliver training to those that need and usually it takes no more than an hour to learn how to use it.

Will it be another system that takes hours of my time to update?

Using Patchwork on a daily basis should require minimal amounts of time – minutes not hours, to just check in with your cases and see who else has connected with your clients.

How is client data kept safe?

Patchwork is not a client data system, it holds just enough data so that a practitioner can identify their client. It is a space for sharing practitioner information much of which is public already.  Having said that it is still important that the system is secure and the product is hosted on an accredited and secure platform that meets local government and statutory requirements so that councils have the assurance they need before they invest.

Is technology the right solution for this problem?

Technology will only ever be part of a solution to the problem of knowing who is working with a client, it will never replace practitioners meeting, talking and debating together next steps or concerns on a case.  Patchwork should make all of these things easier and quicker to do.

What about client consent?

In our experience practitioners often get client consent as a matter of good practice so there are no surprises for clients as other workers get introduced to their case.  Patchwork shouldn’t make any difference to this practice.

How does strengthening multi-agency working support welfare of clients?

There is lots of evidence that when agencies work together earlier this results in better outcomes for clients.