Patchwork News


“Patchwork creates an elegant solution to join up professionals working with troubled families, in an effort to ensure that frontline support is truly coordinated.”

Building Tech Powered Public Services
Institute for Public Policy Research, 10 December 2013


“Back in Local Government, very innovative solutions are emerging that offer managed networks in social care. A good example of this is Patchwork. A simple, cost effective solution that understands the heart of the problem and offers an appropriate solution.”

Digital 2.0 for “Wicked” problems
Public Service CIO, 27 November 2013


“Tragedies such as the Baby Peter case led to the creation of Staffordshire county council’s contact details system, Patchwork. Patchwork is not a case management tool, but a way for frontline staff working with children and families to discover others involved in those they care for.”

Council’s Patchwork tool puts frontline staff in touch with other practitioners working with vulnerable families
The Guardian, 13 November 2013


“While many other attempts to solve this problem have revolved around aggregating data from a number of systems, this cheaper, lighter approach simply allows practitioners to register their involvement with a client record, thereby gaining access to the contact details of all other professionals working with an individual or family group.”

Patchwork: social care networking
Socitm, 1 November 2013


“Using technology to redesign public services around people, Patchwork from FutureGov joins up the team of practitioners working with a vulnerable child or family.”

Ten ideas for change: Local government
New Start, 25 September 2013


“Patchwork is a simple and powerful person-centred, self-directed tool for connecting a practitioners with practitioners. It’s a thin layer that takes the ‘detective work’ out of practitioners finding, locating, chasing up different parts of a client’s network.”

Service Design for Maternity and Child Health in Victoria
Design Managers, 27 August 2013


“Patchwork helps frontline staff work together in child protection to spend more time with clients and less on paper work.”

How can we get technology to deliver social impact?
Civil Society, 13 March 2013


“Patchwork is a web tool that allows people from different organisations to quickly and simply access the contact details of other frontline staff who are working with their clients.”

This is a human concern, not a technological issue
Local Government Chronicle, 21 March 2013


“Patchwork can improve collaboration, offer joined-up services from multiple agencies, lead to earlier intervention where required, and deliver better outcomes for families,”

Connecting family and youth services to help the vulnerable
Local Government News, 19 March 2013


“Patchwork is significant, because the types of solutions I’ve seen proposed locally in the past involve complicated database-driven systems and processes. But to tackle complex scenarios like multi-agency collaboration, we need simply but scalable solutions.”

Innovation in service delivery – PatchworkHQ pilot in Victoria
Chief Tech, 19 March 2013


“By having a strong and visualised network, agencies can work better together and glean the many benefits that come from this, including early intervention. It’s also just the right thing to do – to work better together.”

Troubled Families – What Works?
The Guardian, 2 February 2013


“Project teams must sensitive to this wider environment and not place too many demands on frontline staff because if too big a burden is placed on them, the project will quickly lose momentum. To overcome this problem when they were developing Patchwork, FutureGov had a member of staff on site in Lichfield throughout the development phase which meant they were able to work much more closely with practitioners and do a lot of the on-the-ground work that was required.”

Technology and tomorrow’s public service professional
Nesta, 30 October 2012


“Patchwork operates along social media lines, enabling practitioners in different organisations to identify and keep in touch with all the other professionals working with a particular family. This simple, cheap application addresses one of the biggest, most longstanding, intractable problems of child protection: ensuring all the agencies and individuals involved in a particular case are joined up and communicating properly.”

Digital has a role to play beyond the trivial
The Guardian, 2 October 2012


“Patchwork uses social media concepts and technologies to make it easier for professionals to connect with each other and share information to save children’s lives. It’s incredibly cheap and very effective.  No wonder councils are queuing up to buy it.”

Digital Public Services Come of Age
Nesta, 20 December 2011


“Where once technology was fixed and change pre-packaged, we are now able to listen, learn and iterate to make sure that the end result has the best impact on outcomes for the children these professionals support. Social workers feel they have a stake in the technology and an interest in helping to make it a success.”

Working better together – a Patchwork approach
The Guardian, 4 November 2011


“It’s great to see such a practical and passionate project making real headway towards improving public services and, hopefully, saving lives.”

Patchwork: Joining Up Social Services
Sociability, 22 September 2011