User Testimonials

Social Worker, Older People:

“A lot of the time we are working with older people who are able to live independently. They just need some support or activities that we no longer provide as a council. Using Patchwork, I can invite people into the team for that older person from a wide group of voluntary sector organisations. Because we are all connected on Patchwork, I don’t lose contact with the agencies. It’s so easy to keep in touch and together I feel like we are holding that client in a safer way.”

Social Worker, Troubled Families:

“When we first start working with a family, it’s almost impossible for any organisation to have the complete picture. But because we can all pool our contacts on Patchwork, we can build a picture quite quickly just by being able to visualise the different pieces of the puzzle that each of us knows. It’s so helpful to see all family members and their workers in one place. This alone saves me loads of time.”

Youth Worker:

“When I am working with a young person, it is so useful to know who else is working with them. Patchwork makes it easier for me to know who to speak to and work with other agencies on how best to help a young person. This approach helps make the whole process less overwhelming for a young person who may be having some issues. Working like this and means that the young person is more likely to engage with the services that can support them.”


“When I see a child with bruises, I have a ten minute appointment slot to decide whether I need to raise a concern with another agency. With Patchwork, I can see that the child already has a social worker or that a teacher has raised a concern. I have instant access to colleagues from other agencies that can help me make a better decision for the child.”

Debt Advice Worker:

“I work for a really small community charity and it’s pretty hard to get the council to recognise what we do and what we could offer to support some of their clients. By signing up to Patchwork, we are now more visible and can get people the help they need really quickly.”

Patient Transport Driver:

“If I get called to a fall for an older person and I have access to Patchwork, I can check and see if there is a GP or a social worker who might need to know what’s happened. I can find out how to contact them quickly and, because a fall can often be a symptom of something else, it helps me work out what after care or support they might need. Patchwork also stops me from duplicating work, because I can see who is already involved. Then it’s easy to just ping an email or make a call to let them know something else has happened. Patchwork just speeds the whole thing up.”